Profile: Chandler

Full name: Chandler Muriel Bing (played by Matthew Langford Perry)

Job: "Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration," a job he started in as temp work, but ended up staying in for many years. Toward the end of the series, he quit (after a transfer to Tulsa, OK) and started a career in advertising.

Parents: Charles and Nora Bing

Father's Work: Runs an all-male burlesque in Las Vegas called "Viva Las Gaygas." He performs in drag under the name Helena Handbasket and attended the Mondler wedding as her (portrayed by Kathleen Turner).

Mother's Work: Romance Novelist (portrayed by Morgan Fairchild)

Siblings: None

Hair: Brown (various shades)

Eyes: Blue

Height: Not stated, but Matthew Perry is 6' even.

More Chandler Stuff:

Chandler uses humor and sarcasm to break the ice, or when situations are uncomfortable.

He fears commitment to the point of using relatively minor reasons to end relationships, or to not date a woman in the first place. When he tries to make himself commit, he goes overboard because he's so new to it.

Hates Thanksgiving, because it's the day his parents announced their divorce.

Started smoking at age nine (due to stress from the divorce), quits and starts again many times.
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