Profile: Monica

Full name: Monica E. Geller (My theory is her middle name is also Eustace like her brother Ross. Their mother's maiden name, perhaps?). Portrayed by Courteney Bass Cox (also credited as Courteney Cox Arquette).

Job: Chef by trade, though her positions have varied. She's been a chef, a head chef, a newspaper food critic, a caterer (a joint venture with Phoebe). She was even a server at a theme restaurant for a time (where she had to don falsies, a blond wig, and eventually roller skates).

Parents: Jack (Elliott Gould) and Judy (Christina Pickles) Geller; the only happily married parents on the show.

Father's Work: Not specified. We know he is not a lawyer, because he tells Chandler he let Judy's parents think so and to just play along if he sees him giving legal advice.

Mother's Work: Also never specified.

Siblings: Dr. Ross Eustace Geller (David Schwimmer)

Hair: Black (brown added at times)

Eyes: Blue

Height: Not stated, but Courteney is 5'5"

A Few Monica Traits:

Monica grew up overweight and has some habits related to that: being very careful about what she eats, fantasizing about food, working out a lot, some risidual social awkwardness.

Monica feels her parents favor her brother Ross. They do.

Crazy about babies.

Clean and organized to a sometimes obsessive degree.

Has a need to please people (likely stems from how hard to please her mother is): it is hinted at that she became a chef to get people to like her.

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