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Probably whatever you're wondering about this place (aside from things found in the actual content, that is) will be found on this page. If not, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

The Title

The title comes from an episode called The One With Rachel's Big Kiss (7.20). When Monica and Chandler are plotting out the seating arrangements for their wedding, red pins represent Monica's guests, blue pins represent Chandler's. The pin colors are referred to several times in the episode, so it stuck with me. So, here we are, Red Pin, Blue Pin.

Why Chandler and Monica?

As mentioned on the front page, they were my two favorite Friends characters. They are also my One True Pairing (OTP). No offense to fans of "The Lobsters" (Ross & Rachel), but to me, "Mondler" was the far more interesting couple. Less drama, much less off and on, more respect for each other, and more screen time as a couple.


The ribbons in the footer graphic are based on a design by Freepik
Red Pin, Blue Pin is strictly a fan creation. It is in no way official and is not for profit. For entertainment purposes only.